Business Entity Formation, Asset & Entity Acquisition/Disposition, Debt & Equity Financing.

MORRISSEY, WILSON & ZAFIROPOULOS, LLP is a boutique law firm with the experience, resources and expertise in the areas of litigation, bankruptcy, real estate and business law to effectively represent individual and institutional clients in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

Providing Clarity & Guidance.

MWZ provides practical solutions in sensitive and risk-filled environments. MWZ identifies and creates unexpected business opportunities and reduces uncertainty for clients. 


MWZ counsels small to midsize companies with respect to a broad spectrum of legal needs. Our clients include closely-held businesses, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, family-owned enterprises, proprietorships, entrepreneurs and professional corporations. Our practice includes advising clients in the areas of entity selection and formation, deal structuring, debt and equity financing and general corporate matter.

Our attorneys have extensive experience handling transactional matters involving the acquisition and/or sale of business assets, with a particular focus on minimizing the potential for successor liability claims under applicable law.


  • Business Entity Formation
  • Asset & Entity Acquisition & Disposition
  • Debt & Equity Business Financing
  • Business Licensing, Including Common Victualler/Liquor Licensing
  • Partnerships & Joint Ventures

When advising start up businesses, we counsel clients with respect to entity formation in order to determine the right vehicle for limiting personal liability, while preserving management flexibility and allowing for growth. In connection with business and asset acquisitions, MWZ assists clients with their transactional due diligence, including drafting and negotiating confidentiality agreements, reviewing articles of incorporation, operating agreements, partnership agreements, and land use and permitting documentation to identify potential liabilities and areas of concern. We also oversee and coordinate with other professionals involved in the respective business transaction, including appraisers and tax advisors, for purposes of evaluating equipment, real estate and inventory being acquired, in order to help manage transaction costs.

Lastly, our attorneys bring a unique mix of business experience to their business law practices, including service as principals and senior officers within business entities and service as a director of a publically-traded financial institution. Having "walked a mile in our clients' shoes", we are able to meet our clients' transactional legal needs while understanding and managing their business objectives and budgetary requirements.